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Constantly Running Your HVAC Fan? Know Its Pros and Cons

Running Your HVAC Fan

Constantly Running Your HVAC Fan? Know Its Pros and Cons

Our HVAC system is one of the most significant parts of our household, without which every season can turn into a massive predicament. They offer a comfortable, relaxed indoor environment during summer and a warm cozy one during winters. And due to their constant support, it is vital that we also pay proper attention and care to it. HVAC maintenance is crucial to keep the system up and functioning all year long. There are quite a lot of homeowners having different opinions regarding the HVAC fan. Some favor using it constantly, while some prefer not to do so.

Let’s see what happens if you keep the HVAC fan running constantly:

Pros Of Constantly Running HVAC Fan

No Stress About Dust

Dust and impurities in the air are undeniably among the biggest concerns for most of us. And why shouldn’t it be? A considerable amount of dust is likely to accumulate in a closed environment. More pollutants can result in many skin allergies and breathing troubles. And if you are not changing the air filters on a timely basis, it can get worse.

Interestingly if the fan is constantly running, the dust has a lower chance of residing. Indeed, you can’t eliminate the dust from the surroundings. But the usage of a fan consistently cut down the level of dust to a certain extent.

 Decrease In Allergens

We all agree that indoor allergies are some of the worst and tend to get intense if the environment is not offering a favorable environment. At times, even clean households can trigger allergies. Moreover, other factors such as mold, pet dander, or even dust mites can become a vital cause for the worsening health situation. Under such circumstances, a running fan brings in great relief.

Balance In Humidity

Humidity can be a major component in either increasing or decreasing the discomfort of the room. While too much humidity can become a problem, if it’s below the standard levels, it can have flu and viruses with the fan running; the humidity balances the temperature throughout the room. The air quality improves, and you don’t have to suffer from any uncomfortable dry air.

Cons Of Constantly Running HVAC Fan

High Bills

The HVAC fan in continuous usage can result in higher bills. Also, if the fan motor is quite old, it can increase energy consumption. If you are unsure, it is better to check each month’s bill to avoid any confusion.

Compromised Motor Performance

When you are running the motor all the time, it affects the motor life. Therefore you may want to work on changing the air filter frequently. In other words, changing it after every few months can keep the machine running efficiently.

Seasonal Discomfort

Running the fan more than usual can cause severe indoor environment. As a result, your house can feel colder than necessary during winter. If the warm air runs all around during the summer season, the air conditioner will likely break down quickly.


AC Repair and Service becomes vital when running the system’s fan constantly. On one hand, it offers health benefits, and on the other, it leads to greater bills, maintenance, and expenses. Therefore, it all comes down to your personal preference.

If any problem arises, Bob’s Climate Control is always here to resolve it to keep your system in its best shape.

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