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3 Warning Signs That Your Air Conditioner Needs Repairing

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3 Warning Signs That Your Air Conditioner Needs Repairing

Your air conditioner is a piece of equipment that sends you different signals before breaking down completely. However, if you keep a check on the signs and try to find out what is wrong with the air conditioning system, you can save it from damage. But how?

This blog will tell you about various warning signs that your air conditioner delivers to catch your attention when it needs repairing.

1. Your Air Conditioner Starts Blowing Hot Air

If you observe that your air conditioning system is blowing hot air, it could mean a compressor failure. It could also indicate a refrigerant leak or a dirty filter. No proper cooling is also one of the signs that suggest your air conditioner is not working properly.

However, any of these issues may be fixed if addressed on time, and the repairing will cost you less than you think. That’s why in such situations, you should get your air conditioner checked by the professionals that assess your cooling system’s condition and repair it for you.

2. Water Leakage

Water Leakage is a common problem in air conditioners. Many people have experienced it, especially in the summer season. You might sometimes see water dripping from the indoor air conditioner coil by the condensate pump on the floor. This situation occurs when the drain line or condensate pump gets clogged.

However, this does not indicate an emergency, but you need to address it quickly to avoid creating an environment for mold growth and your condensate pump shutting down the system if it has a safety switch.

3. Unusual Sound From The Air Conditioner

If your air conditioner suddenly starts making sounds like grinding, squealing, grating, or any other loud noises while running fairly quietly a few days ago, you need to get it checked out with an air conditioning technician.

If your outside condensing unit is making any loud or irregular noises, it may be an issue with your compressor, fan motor, or fan blade. In short, every sound indicates a different kind of problem. Thus, the sooner you address these sounds, the better it is for your system.

In A Nutshell

Annual AC maintenance is recommended in order to get ahead of any of these issues. If at any time you are experiencing any of these issues, it is time to schedule an appointment with an HVAC company to stop further damage.

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