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6 Common Heat Furnace Problems and Their Solutions

6 Common Heat Furnace Problems and Their Solutions

We know that most homeowners their homes with gas furnaces, and this demand increases its popularity over electric furnaces. You’ll want to ensure you’re prepared for any troubles that may arise as the winter months approach and you start relying on your heating system more frequently.

The secret to keeping your house warm this winter is to be aware of the most frequent issues that might arise with your gas furnace and its fixes. We created this guide with the most typical gas furnace issues.

What is the Working of a Gas Heat Furnace?

Identifying the issue when your gas furnace is functioning well might be simpler if you are familiar with how it operates when everything is going well. An air filter cleans the cold air drawn into a gas furnace before a gas burner heats it.

A blower motor is then used to transport the heated air through ducting. The cycle repeats as the hot air enter the house and finally cools down. It is then gathered once more and sent back to the furnace.

1. Recurrent Cycling with Your Heat Furnace

“Cycling” is one of the customers’ most prevalent issues with their furnaces. This happens when your furnace repeatedly goes through short cycles of turning on for a bit, turning off for a brief time, and repeating these short cycles.

This may result in higher-than-average energy costs and furnace damage. There are a few things you can check if this “short-cycling” is affecting you:

  • Ensure the filter is clean.
  • Look up the exhaust vent for an obstruction.
  • Check twice that the thermostat interpretation is correct.

2. Heat Furnace Pilot Light Dies Out

An ignition source for your gas appliances, a pilot light is a little flame that is kept burning. Your furnace won’t be able to generate heat if it goes out. Additionally, the fuel supply gas valve may continue pumping gas, which could lead to a dangerous gas accumulation.

It might also cause gas to spill into the living area. Several factors could have put out your pilot light, including it might have been blown out by a powerful draught or clogged by dirt in the gas tube. It could also result from a thermocouple that has broken or isn’t working correctly, which would cause the gas to turn off.

As long as there isn’t gas buildup, you can relight the pilot light if it has been blown out. An expert in furnace repair will be able to assist you with replacing the thermocouple quite quickly.

3. Clogged Heat Furnace Filter

Your system’s air filter is essential to its correct operation. If it is clogged, your home’s airflow may be hindered, leading to the heating furnace getting too warm and shutting off.

Additionally, this occasionally leads to short-circuiting, which raises your energy costs and shortens the life of your furnace. Regular filter replacement can help you avoid this issue, and a routine furnace tune-up appointment can help to guarantee that your furnace is operating effectively.

4. Heat Furnace Isn’t Heating

One of the most evident indications that your heater needs repair? The heater ceases. Before hiring a technician, there are a few things you can check on your own if your furnace stops pumping hot air or even starts blowing cool air:

  • Check the heat furnace’s power input
  • Ensure the heat registers are open.
  • Check the thermostat.

When everything seems to be in working order after checking all of these, it’s time to call in a heater repair specialist. The experts at Bob’s provide multiple services, including climate control, heating, and air conditioning.

5. Weird or Particularly Loud Sounds

It’s best to check these right away if you notice any weird sounds coming from your furnace. For instance, humming, screeching, or banging can signify that the filter needs to be changed or the blower motor needs to be oiled.

Getting to it sooner will save you a ton of money and stress in the long run, whether it’s something you can fix yourself or even a problem a professional can help with.

6. Thermostat is Broken

Your heating system cannot receive accurate communications from a damaged thermostat. Despite having it set to a specific temperature, you may find that your furnace only heats to a temperature much lower than the thermostat shows.

Ensure it has electricity and no dust obstructs your inside parts to ensure it is operating correctly. If it doesn’t work, a specialist can assist you in figuring out how to calibrate your thermostat.

The Final Words

While specific typical gas heat furnace issues can be resolved without a professional’s assistance, in many situations, you want a skilled furnace repair firm to identify the problem and fix it fast and accurately.

If you’re a homeowner in need of a repair of a heating system, Bob’s is the right choice for you. Bob’s Climate Control is a climate control HVAC company. At Bob’s Climate Control, we serve with a high level of efficiency and accuracy, providing maintenance and installations of heating systems, HVAC services, and repairs of any heating system or air conditioner. To live a stress-free life, all you need is Bob’s service!

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