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8 Proven Heating, Ventilation & AC (HVAC) Tips for Property Owners

8 Proven Heating, Ventilation & AC (HVAC) Tips for Property Owners

Why does the air conditioner always fail on the hottest day of the year? If you’ve ever been in this circumstance, you realize the conundrum it creates. It’s a typical cause of concern for folks in the cold regions, where 100-degree temperatures are too regular.

Customers are pleased when their heating and cooling systems perform well. The summer heat might be oppressive, but you don’t have to succumb to it.

8 HVAC Tips for Landlords in 2023

Here are the eight proven HVAC tips for landlords in 2023 to ensure everything remains perfect.

Air Filter Changing is Essential

Over time, the air filter becomes clogged, which is especially problematic when it is dusty outside. The air filter will be clogged with dust, dirt, and other particles that you will need to remove. A daily buildup of tiny particles can cause your air conditioner to work significantly harder, increasing your energy cost and increasing the likelihood of it breaking down due to difficulties. When you replace or clean the air filter on a regular basis, you reduce the burden on the HVAC unit.

As a general guideline, you should clean your home’s heating and cooling systems every two weeks. If you reside in a highly dusty area, you ought to clean it more frequently, and it’s part of your routine maintenance.

Clearing Dust Around the Unit is Necessary

Leaves, grass, dirt, and even sticks have penetrated your heater and air conditioner. This can lead to a slew of pricey issues, including a complete malfunction of your unit. Why pay the price if you can be detected early?

You should spend time sweeping out the foliage in the unit on a regular basis and inspect it for debris, mainly if your location has recently seen high winds as a result of a hurricane.

Open the Air Vents

The expenditure of energy. In fact, because it significantly raises the pressure load, it may be one of the most damaging things you can do to your air-conditioning and heating system machine. When the vents are blocked, the cold air is cut off, reducing the unit’s efficacy significantly. Preserve all vents open and free of any airflow impediments to ensure the best possible performance from your air conditioner service.

The main issue with closing the air vents is that it does not imply you are delivering less air into the house. The issue is that your air conditioner continues to consume the same amount of power. Furthermore, the cooling fan has not ceased running, and this causes damage to the air conditioner and ducting. As this happens, air leaks begin to form, and the more vents you cover, the more pressure you place on the system, increasing your odds of these leaks happening. Instead, some of the things you may potentially do to minimize your energy bill include:

  • Configure a zone monitoring system.
  • Maintain the efficiency of your heating and cooling system.
  • Close the drapes and blinds.
  • On days when fans are required, use them.

Maintenance Tuning is Necessary

You’d be amazed how HVAC services may help you save money on your heating and cooling bills. When was the last time your HVAC equipment was serviced? If it has been more than a year, you may be at a considerably higher risk of difficulties developing.

Do you really want to be stuck in your house without air conditioning, especially during the hot summer months? Heating and cooling repairs can protect your air conditioner from breaking down on those hot summer days. Furthermore, a tune-up can detect issues before they become uncontrollable and even cut your energy cost. HVAC maintenance may help you keep your AC unit in good working order and extend its lifespan.

Try to Set at an Optimal Temperature

While the temperature you specify on the thermostat is mostly determined by personal preferences, many systems have an ideal temperature setting that guarantees they continue to utilize energy efficiently.

Consider consulting the owner’s handbook or asking your service professional to assist you in determining the first and most energy-efficient temperature. You should keep the temperature the same since it will make your HVAC unit work harder, and it will not perform as efficiently as it could.

Well Seal the House

The ordinary person thinks about reducing air infiltration and during the winter months, but they don’t worry about it during the summer. Any air leak within the home will deprive you of the total capacity of your HVAC system since this cooling and heating energy will be eliminated as a result.

To achieve the greatest effects, close the doors and windows and make sure your home has a solid weather seal before turning it on. Installing weather strips on the door, in particular, can assist in preventing cold air from escaping. Consider upgrading to modern, more energy-efficient windows to avoid losing cooling and heating via them. Furthermore, it is important to note the common areas for drafts, including chimneys, windows, doors, attics, and basements.

Keep the Unit Clear

Maintenance, believe it or not, extends to the exterior as well because it entails maintaining the unit as clear of obstructions as possible. Remove the limbs if you have bushes or trees near the unit’s exterior. Your air conditioning unit should have a safe clearance of roughly 12 inches. Keeping this clean can assist in extending the life of your unit and prevent additional problems from arising.

Keep the Drain Line Clear

A condensate drain pipe will be installed on your HVAC unit. You should maintain this clean because if it becomes clogged, it might cause the machine to freeze and fail to function. Cleaning this line is one of the easy solutions that will occur; to do so, disconnect the line and pour in a cup of vinegar or bleach.

This removes some of the silt, mold, and algae that might accumulate in your HVAC system. The frequency with which you must clean the drain line is mostly determined by how well you maintain the remainder of your unit. For example, how frequently do you change the air filter, and what is the entire cost?

The Final Takeaway

Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system needs great supervision and timely maintenance. The quality of your HVAC system will ensure good air quality while also making you available with clear filtration and thermal comfort at all times. In addition, getting your HVAC installation or maintenance from Bob’s Climate Control will ensure that everything is done top-notch without compromise.

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