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Reduce Air Conditioning Costs This Summer

Reduce Air Conditioning Costs This Summer – Bob’s Climate Control

Reduce Air Conditioning Costs This Summer

The air conditioning system during the summer months is an absolute must! AC is that one thing that makes your days much more comfortable. Whether you arrange a bonfire at your home or a get-together with your friends, an air conditioner can make your celebration cool and refreshing.

But with all worthy things, there comes a downside. Continuous use of air conditioning systems contributes significantly to the monthly household energy bills. According to the US Energy Information Administration, air conditioning system accounts for about 17% of home electricity expenditures, with the rising figure of 27% humid regions.

All these facts make it crucial to monitor your air conditioning costs at the start of the summer season. No one wants to spend $400+ monthly bill on an air conditioner as everyone’s goal is to enjoy the cool air of ac without sacrificing comfort and convenience. So without further ado, let’s look into how to reduce ac bills in the summer season.

1.    Set Your AC On Standard Temperature

Setting your AC on a standard temperature while going to sleep considerably decreases your bill by 10% while improving the cooling performance of your AC unit. Remember, the smaller the difference between outdoor and indoor temperatures throughout the summer season, the less money you will spend on the air conditioner bill.

Set your AC thermostat to 78˚F (26˚C) instead of 72˚F (24˚C), and you could cut as much as 18% off your summer air conditioning costs. Turning your AC to a colder than normal setting after coming home won’t cool the room any faster as you will probably forget to turn it down in the first place, resulting in pointless spending.

2.    Maintain Cooling System Economically

It’s not enough to use an energy-efficient air conditioning system installed with a programmable thermostat. You also have to properly take care of your equipment to reduce the air conditioning cost. Dirty AC filters block air flows and make units work harder to cool your room which is a call for AC maintenance services.

Replacing or cleaning the filter once per month will lower the AC’s energy consumption by 5% – 15%. The unit’s condenser coils should also be clear of dirt and other debris, including branches, grass, and leaves. The clips foliage should also remain at least 2 feet from the condenser.

You can also perform a routine check-up every 3-6 months from a professional HVAC maintenance company to see if your AC unit is running properly or not. This way, any minor issue will be resolved quickly and timely by the experts.

3.    Turn Off Your AC Before Leaving The Room

That sounds bluntly obvious, yet you would be surprised about how careless people might become when turning off the air conditioner. Sadly, many owners forget to turn off their cooling system while going to the office, school, or outings.

No matter how much haste you are in, don’t leave the AC switched on when not using certain rooms. So please remember to turn off the AC before leaving the house. This practice will automatically reduce your monthly energy bill.

In A Nutshell

Saving money on AC bills is not hard. All you need to do is play smartly to ensure your air conditioning system is running properly and efficiently.

If you are searching for AC maintenance services to tune up your cooling system, contact Bob’s Climate Control for reliable HVAC solutions.

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