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The Right Air Filter For Your Air Conditioning System

Air Filter For Your Air Conditioning System

The Right Air Filter For Your Air Conditioning System

Are you confused about which air filter to pick for your air conditioning system? Or are you seeking ways to choose the best air filter for your HVAC system? You have come to the right place in both cases because we will tell you the facts involved in choosing the most suitable air filter for your air conditioner.

Every HVAC unit is unique, especially when it comes to the air filter. They vary in size and type. Most of us are aware that an air filter is one of the crucial components of an HVAC system that keeps it running smoothly and makes the air clean.

Therefore, you are required to go through the following factors before choosing the right filter for your air conditioning system.

Lets’ dive in!

The Correct Size Of Filter

There are various air filters accessible in the market, but choosing the one that best fits your air conditioner is crucial. Even a slight mistake in size can affect the performance and efficiency level of your HVAC system. If the air filter is smaller or bigger than the actual size, the air will flow from the gaps between or around it.

To choose the right size of the air filter is first look for the label on the filter frame. Usually, the standard size of the filter is mentioned on the frame. However, if you can’t find the right size, then try measuring the filter yourself.

In case this method fails, and you cannot measure the size of the air filter correctly, then directly contact the HVAC company. You may ask them about the right size of filter for your HVAC system as per the model number of your HVAC unit. They will tell you the exact specifications of the filter that are made for the system.

The Right Type Of Filter

You can find different air filters for your HVAC system, which can be described based on several factors: cost, replacement schedule, efficiency, etc. The two primary factors to consider while the right type of air filter for your AC are:

·         Low Cost:

Every filter type has different prices ranging from high to low. However, to keep things within budget, it’s better to go with a lower-cost filter with high performance. You can pick washable/reusable filters, which are also known as electronic filters. These air filters have a lower cost and are long-lasting because you can wash them and use them again.

The other option is fiberglass filters. They may not be reusable but have the lowest cost and are easy to replace. However, they have a lower MERV rating, and they do not add much to cleaning the indoor air quality.

·         High Performance

The other deciding factor for the best type of filter is to measure performance and efficiency. Go for the filters with higher efficiency or performance, such as pleated filters and HEPA filters.

Pleated filters are made of cotton or polyester and provide better filtration for the contaminants in the air. These filters have a high MERV value and clean up to 80% of the pollutants.

Whereas, HEPA filters have the highest MERV rating and are best in performance. They can filter out 99% of the pollutants from the air, including micro-particles. However, they are costly and not fit for residential HVAC units.

In A Nutshell

Getting the right filter for your air conditioning system is essential and should be done with caution while keeping in mind the above factors.

If you need an expert’s recommendation on choosing the right filter for your HVAC unit or need AC maintenance services, you may contact Bob’s Climate Control.

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