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7 Benefits Of Having A Humidifier

Benefits Of Having A Humidifier

7 Benefits Of Having A Humidifier

Humidity means the quantity of water vapor in the air. Do you know those sticky, hot, muggy summer days? We all have humidity to thank for those. While outdoor air is naturally humidified, indoor air tends to be rather dry, especially in the winters. That’s why many people invest in air humidifier.

Humidifiers are high-tech devices that protect us from the harsh effects of dry air, static sparks, and polluted air that invade our homes, rooms, and offices. They add humidity to our atmosphere by releasing water droplets in the air in an optimum amount without affecting your HVAC system’s heating and cooling.

Here are some of the farfetched benefits of using humidifiers in homes to make your life comfortable every season.

Let’s dive in!

1.    Prevent The Spread Of Airborne Viruses

According to a few recent studies, an elevated indoor humidity level of at least 43% dramatically impacts 85% of airborne viruses, rendering them ineffective. Researchers observed that humidity degrees above 40% rapidly neutralized virus particles because humidity has the potential to foresee the movement of germs as they mix with this moisture and genuinely drop.

That happens because airborne particles are too heavy to go with the flow round in the air. It helps prevent many illnesses, inclusive of flu. As a result, researchers are now considering increasing the humidity levels in hospitals across the world to protect doctors, nurses, and visitors from getting sick.

2.    Prevent Dry Skin

Approximately 50%-60% of the human body is made of water; dry conditions pull moisture out of your body, leaving behind dry and dead skin, chapped lips, and probably bloodshot eyes.

The moisture in the air produced by a humidifier can relieve many people from their dry skin – especially in the wintertime when it tends to be drier than usual. The moist air can also soothe itchiness caused by psoriasis and eczema.

3.    Stop Snoring and Relief Asthma

It is inevitable for dryness to settle inside a nasal pathway and your throat to breathe through the mouth. That especially occurs when you are sleeping. But with help of a humidifier, you can add moisture to the air, creating a friendly and comforting atmosphere for tissues inside the throat.

Similarly, many people who experience asthma symptoms say that humid air helps them breathe better as it cleans the air and soothes their throat tissues so they can breathe efficiently.

4.    Prevents Static

Static electricity is something that irritates everyone. It is often increased in dry winter months. This electricity is associated with your curly hair or clothes, but little do you know that this can be dangerous too. It can damage sensitive electronics and create sparks that could get to flammable gas or dust.

Static sparks are very dangerous inside households and offices with more paperwork; they can lead to big fires. That is where humidified air comes in. This HVAC system solves most static issues and gives you clean air to breathe.

5.    Reduced Heating Bills

The higher the humidity in the summer months, the hotter it feels. That is because the additional moisture in the air makes it feel warmer. You will save your heating bills by adding some vapor to the atmosphere.

Nowadays, many air conditioners come with humidifiers installed to reduce the symptoms of allergies.

6.    Protect Your Furniture

A smaller amount of humidity in the air can cause wood flooring or furnishing to split and crack. Using a humidifier preserves the integrity of the furniture.

7.    Prevents Allergies And Sinuses

Do you wake up with a close-fitting, dry nose, especially in winters? Even if you don’t have a cold, winter air will dry your sinuses and lower your fighting struggle with bacteria. More moisture in the air means a more comfortable sinus.

Similarly, these modern humidifiers alleviate the symptoms of allergies by clearing out the spread of dust mites from your house. Allergy surfers tend to feel more comfortable with heightened humidity as it may help soothe the tissues in the throat and nasal passage.

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