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Top 4 Common Heating Problems and How to Solve Them

Common Heating Problems

Top 4 Common Heating Problems and How to Solve Them

House maintenance plays a vital role in living a smooth and stress-free life. However, you need to take care and continuously check if the systems are working correctly. Among the countless problems that may occur, we will discuss the most common one faced by each of us: heating problems.

Several reasons can create heating issues, and sometimes the simplest ones can lead to severe complications if taken lightly.

Although a little change can resolve specific issues if you are unsure how to tackle them, it is better to call a professional such as Bob’s Climate Control. They offer remarkable HVAC services and possess skills that can resolve any HVAC concerns within no time.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the possible causes that may result in common heating problems.

Absence of Scheduled Heating Maintenance

It is essential to perform consistent regular maintenance of furnace or gas heater. The reason is, negligence in maintaining these heating units can lead to long-lasting problems. These issues can then become from being negligible to enormous and from low cost to high cost. Therefore, to avoid a massive, long-term problem, it is best to keep a regular maintenance check.

Ignition Control and Pilot Light Problems

There are two kinds of ignition systems: hot surface ignition or an intermittent pilot. If the heating problem is caused due to the furnace ignition, it can lead to intermittent heat, or you may find no heat at all. If relighting the pilot does not work, it is better to call a professional to look into the matter to provide a sustainable solution.

Clean Those Dirty Filters

Everything requires frequent cleaning. If not adequately cleaned, every household item and all the corners of your house can lead to accumulated dust. And living in an unhygienic environment can lead to health issues.

Air filters are designed to keep the air clean circulating through your heating and cooling units. They aid in trapping the dust particles and other contaminants, letting you breathe and experience the true comfort of clean air. If you want to stay healthy and enjoy fresh air circulation, you should be concerned about changing your air filters.

Otherwise, your unit will perform an excessive function or create malfunction issues in the limit switch. It could also lead to clogged filters due to dirt collection, which can hamper proper airflow.

It is better to change the air filter once a month so that your heating unit can continue to work smoothly for a considerable period.

Thermostat Malfunction

A simple thing as a thermostat can make a big difference in your house’s atmosphere. Regardless of the type of thermostat, it can create problems for the furnace and disrupt your home’s entire temperature.

Countless reasons can lead to thermostat functioning improperly, such as extreme changes in the temperature, faulty wiring, dust accumulation, or low battery, among other problems. To enjoy the right temperature, recheck if your thermostat is functioning correctly. It could be, that it may be time for you to switch to a new or smarter thermostat.


It is significant to perform a timely performance checkup of your HVAC systems to avoid a massive breakdown. Numerous reasons can create gas heater or furnace issues.

If things seem hard to handle, to prevent the occurrence of any complicated situation, it is best to contact a professional instead of diagnosing the problem all by yourself. You can contact Bob’s Climate Control for your every concern to receive a reliable solution.

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