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Practical Ways To Help You Fix A Noisy Air Conditioner

Ways To Help You Fix A Noisy Air Conditioner – Bob’s Climate Control

Practical Ways To Help You Fix A Noisy Air Conditioner

Air conditioners are a must-have cooling unit that turns a sweltering day into a comfortable one. However, there are times when a machine starts having problems and may show some signs that require repair. A noisy air conditioner is one of the most common problems that people usually face. Sometimes it is a minor problem that you can resolve all by yourself. While other times, it would be better to call an air conditioning installation service for satisfactory results.

Let’s discuss some of the practical ways that can help you mitigate all the concerns leading to a noisy air conditioner:

Banging Sounds:

If the air conditioner is being noisy and making noticeably high banging sounds, there is a chance that something is broken or loose in the system. Some of the reasons could be problems with the piston pin, crankshaft, or trouble with a connecting rod. There can be chances that the indoor blower is out of balance, or it could be time to replace the compressor.

Buzzing Noise:

There could be more than one reason for a buzzing noise. It could be a fault in the fan blades, indoor and outdoor unit debris, dirty filter, dirty condenser coil, a leakage in the refrigerant, or some other lose components. Also, if the refrigerant is leaking, the air conditioner will not cool the room properly. Also, a refrigerant problem can cause the cooling unit to make relatively high screaming sounds or whistles.

Clanking Sounds:

If the air conditioner is often making a clanking noise, then some part is not adjusted in a proper balance. It is usually because the parts present inside the sealed unit are functioning in a compromised manner. Also, the compressor has lost its control resulting in replacing it as a better option.

One other reason, i.e., the outdoor fan, its blades, and the indoor blower have lost adequate balance and are not hitting some other parts. It is better not delay the solution and get it checked by a professional service such as Bob’s Climate Control.

Squealing Sounds:

The leading cause of squealing noise is due to the blower and fans transmitted via the duct system. The predicament could be with the indoor and outdoor fan motors. Squeal sounds can also occur if there is an issue with the blower wheel and housing.

Clicking Sounds:

If you consistently face a faint clicking sound, there is a problem with the thermostat. However, a simple clicking sound while turning the air conditioner on and off is the way it works. With a clicking sound issue, it is always a good idea to call in a professional.

Rattling Sounds:

A massive rattling sound means your machines need a look from a professional since it is wearing downIt usually happens because the parts are loosening up or the fans are hitting some other cooling system parts. Or you can also take those screws and bolts off to check if there is something else causing the problem.

Humming Sounds:

Although a faint humming sound is not a red flag, it indicates that something may need a bit of checking. It is a possibility that there are some loose parts or something is not right with the refrigerant piping. Some other reasons could be electrical hindrances, loose wiring, or motor issues.

The Best Solution – Call A Professional

Sometimes the issue can be relatively insignificant, and you may end up resolving it. Other times, the best answer to the problems mentioned above is to take the assistance of a professional. Bob’s Climate Control offers state-of-the-art solutions to your air cooling concerns. The services are cost-effective, reliable, and produce lasting results.


An air conditioner requires occasional updates and checks to continue working smoothly. However, like any other machinery, the possibility that it may stop working is inevitable. And with the aid of the right professional services, you can attain a successful result. The right service provider will always tell you when to replace your old air conditioner with a new one. And if not, with the HVAC maintenance services, you will be back to enjoying a comfortable indoor environment.

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