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What To Anticipate When HVAC System Is Being Replaced

HVAC System Is Being Replaced

What To Anticipate When HVAC System Is Being Replaced

If you consider a furnace replacement, air conditioning replacement, or both. There are specific pointers that you need to ensure in order to get a quality result. Today, we’ll help you collect information on the subject through this blog.

We will guide you on preparing yourself before you get your HVAC system replaced and what should you expect.

Let’s dive in!

1.    Estimate Your HVAC Installation Cost

Before starting on replacement procedure, we recommend you get at least 2-3 quotes from different HVAC companies upon arriving at your property. The contractor will measure square footage and perform load calculations based on the size of your property and the condition of the structure’s envelope.

After completing the assessment, a contractor will suggest the type and size of HVAC system and any needed repair to your current ductwork. Your HVAC installation contractor will offer the best air conditioner for your home or the list of high-quality furnace brands based on your budget.

2.    Find A Contractor

Please make a list of licensed and insured HVAC contractors in your area, then schedule a visit to each of them. Select and allow a professional to take measurements and inspect your current HVAC system. Make sure that the contractor comes to your home and has the chance to look around.

Ask him for proof of his current HVAC license and insurance. Ensure the HVAC estimate is dated, signed, and has all areas of HVAC replacement covered. You can also check out the contractor’s reviews on social media and read about the experience others had.

3.    Calculate The Correct HVAC System Size

You need to calculate your air conditioner or furnace size for tonnage coverage based on the square footage of your property. You will also need to consider the climate where your home is located to ensure you have the appropriate tonnage to handle varying temperatures in your area.

Thus before getting an HVAC system replaced, do your search on the best type and size of the unit. A qualified HVAC company will be able to figure this out more efficiently. Because purchasing a unit too small or big for the square footage of your home is not energy efficient and results in high utility bills.

4.    Preparing The Area For An HVAC Replacement

Usually, the hired crew first protects all flooring in functional work areas by laying protecting paper. Next, they will divert your attention to furniture and other household belongings that may need to be moved to a safe location

After ensuring all household items and flooring protection, the crew will bring in their tools and begin the HVAC replacement project.

5.    Installing Your New HVAC Unit Replacement

After repairing the existing ductwork, the crew will begin installing new equipment. HVAC professionals may install the equipment inside and outside your home depending on the type you choose. These components may include the evaporator, compressor, new refrigerant supply lines, thermostat, condensate pump, etc.

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