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HVAC System Settings For The Best Results

HVAC System Settings

HVAC System Settings For The Best Results

Your home heating and cooling system temperature should provide convenience and comfort to your indoor environment. Thermostat setting for both the air conditioner and furnace system is important to homeowners as well as keeping up with Ac Repair and Service.

Adjusting your thermostat is one simple solution to managing your heating and cooling system. Also, temperature may be set according to your preferences, habits, and the temperature outside. It is observed that the closer your thermostat setting is to the outside temperature, the more you will find comfort in your home.

Here’s a basic guide on HVAC thermostat settings to program it to strike a good balance between comfort and efficiency in every weather.

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Recommended HVAC Thermostat Settings In Summers

During hot weather, it is generally suggested that you set your home’s cooling system to 78 degrees Fahrenheit when you are home. Consider raising the setting if you are out of the house for four or more hours. The air conditioning system only comes on when it tops 88 degrees Fahrenheit.

Every degree higher you set your thermostat, it is estimated for over 78 degrees in the summers. You could save approximately 6% to 8% of your home energy bill. So, when you keep your home’s temperature slightly higher and use the best settings for spring and summer, it can ultimately help you save your money.

Recommended HVAC Thermostat Settings In Winters

Thermostat Settings for the winters should be adjusted if you are at home or away during the day. You can save on bills and keep your costs in check by keeping your thermostat at 68 degrees Fahrenheit during the daytime.

According to a few reports, turning your thermostat lower by 10 degrees to 15 degrees for 8 hours per day helps you see an energy usage reduction of 5% to 15% per year on your bill.

Depending on your family’s individual comfort preferences, one idea you may consider is lowering the thermostat at night while you sleep. Many people find it rather comfortable to sleep in a cooler environment, using winter blankets to regulate warmth.

A Programmable Thermostat Could Be Your Solution

Using a programmable thermostat in your home will let you run a planned heating and cooling system without manually changing your settings throughout the day. Most programmable thermostats, while air conditioning installation can automatically regulate the heating temperature. You can also by hand override the automatic settings if you need to at any time without disturbing the daily or weekly programming schedule.

A programmable thermostat provides such ease of use that it’s easy to set your home’s temperature lower while sleeping or during the day when you are at work. In summers, raising your air conditioning temperature to over 78 degrees Fahrenheit for eight hours can make a difference in your utility bills.

Perform HVAC Maintenance

HVAC systems need some regular TLC to deliver their expected efficiency ratings. Like your car, your central air conditioner operates more efficiently with routine maintenance and system check-ups. For example, a dirty, clogged air filter can restrict air circulation, potentially causing loss of comfort and reduced energy efficiency while also injuring the system’s fans and motors.

As a part of standard AC maintenance and upkeeping, most owners can handle checking and cleaning the air filter. However, skilled HVAC professionals have the training and the equipment to dig deeper. They can assess HVAC system performance, clean and adjust internal components and take care of any minor issues before they become big problems.

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