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Ideal Thermostat Temperature For Maximum Comfort

Temperature For Maximum Comfort

Ideal Thermostat Temperature For Maximum Comfort

It is pretty interesting to know that a homeowner can save a good amount of energy and bills by adjusting the thermostat as per the season. Although you can change your thermostat’s settings, you can attain better energy savings with a programmable or automated thermostat. And even if you are not at home, these thermostats can help you save a lot.

Ideal Indoor Temperature

With the changing seasons, besides HVAC maintenancethermostats also play a significant role in providing a sustainable indoor climate. Generally, there are two kinds of people: one who keeps the thermostat temperature the same. Others are those who vary it from time to time. In both cases, updating the thermostat setting leads to an ideal indoor temperature.

Thermostat Temperature For Winter

When we talk about winter, the suitable thermostat temperature is 68 degrees Fahrenheit at home. It offers a comfortable room temperature when you are awake. But when you are asleep, it is better to lower the temperature by almost 10-15 degrees for nearly eight hours. It can significantly help in reducing the heating bills from five to fifteen percent. According to experts, you are saving 3% or even more on the heating costs each degree that you bring down. For winter, 68 degrees is an average temperature, while you can wear warm clothing to reach a better degree of warmth.

Thermostat Temperature For Summer

In summer, at home, a suitable thermostat temperature is 78 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are not available at home, it is better to either raise the temperature or turn it off completely. With a programmable thermostat, managing temperature becomes as easy as pie. You can set the thermostat to a setting where it starts to cool the home, only a few hours before your arrival. This way, you will have just the right indoor environment when you walk in that door.

Do not try to go too low only to attain a cooler temperature, which can lead to unnecessary, irrelevant long, expensive bills.

What If My House Is Empty?

If you will be away from home for a more extended period, it is best to turn off the HVAC system. If your indoor temperature is either too high or too low, the technology or temperature-sensitive components can face some damage risk. And if there are any plants or pets present, you can leave the temperature at a reasonable level to avoid any accidents.

Suitable Temperature For Sleeping Hours

You can’t go with the average temperature you keep at all the other day’s hours during sleeping hours. For night time you can go for a temperature between 65 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. The body temperature tends to drop when you sleep. So if your system’s temperature is too hot or too cold, your sleep will be disturbed the entire night.

But the temperature of everybody differs slightly too. It is one reason that you should set the thermostat temperature as per your requirement.

Get A Final HVAC Check

Before the intense days of winter start, it is better to get a proper HVAC maintenance checkup from a professional like us. We offer quality services such as AC and Heating Installation and AC Repair and Service.


The right thermostat temperature genuinely depends upon your comfort. Sometimes you may prefer a warm indoor environment, while other times, you may want a colder climate. Evaluate your needs and adjust the thermostat accordingly.

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