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Brilliant Tips for Winterizing Your Home

Tips for Winterizing Your Home

Brilliant Tips for Winterizing Your Home

As the season changes, it is time to turn off the air conditioners and turn on the heaters. Your home should provide you with optimum comfort in every weather. But preparing your home for winters requires more than one step. Your HVAC system needs a proper seasonal tune-up through a good HVAC professional. And in winter, you might need to take a few extra steps to make yourself and your family all warm and cozy.

Some of the tips you can take in winterizing your home this season are as follows:

Change The Filters

It is better to keep filters clean. If, however, it is time to buy some new ones, then go for it. If you use disposable ones, then go with new ones after 90 days. And don’t forget to keep track of them monthly. With reusable filters, you can check the manufacturer’s guidelines to see the proper steps you can follow, so they stay clean. If changing them sounds complicated, you can always call Bob’s Climate Control team of HVAC professionals. We have excellent experts who know all the tricks to turn your HVAC unit brand new.

Thermostat Settings

A thermostat is an integral component in every weather. With the ongoing weather transition, make sure it is no longer on the cooling mode. With a standard thermostat, check if the furnace is working fine. And if you feel like the room is not getting any warmer, try adjusting the settings. With a programmable thermostat, things will be a bit easier.

Furnace Testing

While changing the thermostat settings, check how it affects the furnace. You may want to look out for prolonged ignition attempts, short cycles or anything that feels not right or usual. Under such scenarios, it is always wise to immediately call in a professional. They will quickly identify the problem and resolve the issue within no time. It is always better to check the furnace a month before winter. It would help you get a timely fix and prevent you from going into the winter without any preparation. Also, check the furnace three times before calling in a professional.

Reduce Clutter

The area surrounding your HVAC unit should be clean all year round. Clutter can damage even the furnace. Therefore, remove all the dirt, leaves and debris from the HVAC unit placed outside. It will significantly assist you in avoiding any costly maintenance.

Schedule An Inspection

You may run into problems that only an HVAC professional can resolve at times. Moreover, it is vital to have HVAC maintenance every few months to avoid expensive repairs. It is best to do one before the arrival of summer and the next before winter. You can check a few things by yourself, such as the blower, ductwork, registers or simple electrical connections.


You can make a winterizing checklist for your home and perform all the steps to avoid last-minute issues. It is vital to do it all before the first winter wind arrives. You can always call a professional for a complete, durable tune-up from AC and Heating installation to everything else.

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